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Members of the network:
(This list is in the process of being up-dated).
Ms. G. Cogliandro Beyens (ENCATC)
Mr. J. Klinkart (Centre for Religious Art and Culture)
Dr. T. Coomans (University of Leuven & Royal Commission for Monuments and sites, Brussels) Steering group member
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Dr. A. Hadzimuhamedovic (Commission to Protect National Monuments)
Prof. L. Noppen (UQAM)
Czech Republic:
Mr. P. Wollner (Archbishopric of Prague)
Mrs. S. F. Plathe (National Museum of Denmark)
Mr. M Jokinen (National Board of Antiquities)
Ms. L. Tuominen (National Board of Antiquities)
Mrs. B. de Andia (OPR)
Mr. O. de Rohan (Sauvegarde de l’Art Français)
Mr. P. Seydoux (Sauvegarde de l’Art Français)
Mr. C. Grayson
Mr. A. Fowler (FAK Marburg) Steering group member
Dr. U. Otzen (FAK Berlin-Brandenburg)
Dr. W. Zahner (German Association for Christian Art) Steering group member
Mr. S. Lekakis (Elliniki Etaireia)
Prof. B. Balizs (Okocentrum ZRT)
Mr. G. Bell (Hungarian Renaissance Foundation for Built Heritage)
The Netherlands:
Mrs. L. Grootswagers-Theuns (Task Force Toekomst Kerkgebouwen)
Ms. H. Geiran (Directorate for Cultural Heritage)
Canon K. Gervin (Society for the Preservation of Norwegian Ancient Monuments)
Mr. O. Sørmoen (KA. Association for Employers in the Church of Norway)
Mr. M. Mørk (KA. Association for Employers in the Church of Norway)
Prof. J. Kurek (Cracow University of Technology)
V. Pereira. (Turismo Cultural e Religioso)
Mrs. M. Beloescu (Green Village)
Mr. A. Nikitskii (Village Church)
Mrs. S. Vujovic (EN)
Mrs. K Markušová (Board of Cultural Monuments)
Mrs. T Vokic Vojkovic (EN, Institute for creative and sustainable projects)
Prof. J. Hansson (Gotland University) Steering group member
Mrs. I. Liliequist ( Swedish National Heritage board)
Mr. H. Lindblad (Church of Sweden) Steering group member
Mr. O. Wetterberg (University of Gothenburg)
Mr. C. Amsler (Architect)
United Kingdom:
Mr. G. Bell (NECT) Steering group member
Ms. V. Collison-Owen (SRCT)
Dr. J. Freeman (HCT)
Mr. M. Hoare (National Churches Trust) Steering group member
Dr. L. Monckton (English Heritage) Steering group member
Ms. A. Pollard and Ms. C. Walshe (NCT)
Mr. J. Sell (Europa Nostra) Steering group member
Mr. C. Truman (The Churches Conservation Trust) Chair of steering group
Ms. R. Watkinson (Church of England) Steering group member
Mr. J. Winton (Churches Tourism Network Wales)

Images from the initial forum meeting held in Canterbury (UK) from 10-13 November 2010.
Link to images of the tour on Saturday 13 November

Initial introductions in groups

Keynote speech from I. Liliequist

L. Noppen, T.Coomens

Group discussion

M. Jokinen, J. Hansson, L. Tuominen

O.Sormoen, J. Sell, S. Vujovic

Delegates pause during discussion session

Speech from L. Grossman on Thursday evening

Poster displays (some on website)

Feedback from group discussions

P. Seydoux, W.Zahner

T. Cooper overseeing group work

Informal discussion over lunch in the Cathedral Lodge

Discussions on the future of the network. M. Beloescu, L. Noppen

Images notes:

Image: on left Sarica Church, Cappadocia (TURKEY), on right St. Tryphon’s Cathedral, Kotor (SERBIA & MONTENEGRO) ©Europa Nostra

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