Forum: November 2010

A forum on the threats and opportunities to historic places of worship and developing a Europe-wide response was held from 10-13 November 2010 at Canterbury Cathedral Lodge, UK.
Images from the initial forum meeting held in Canterbury
Images from the places of worship tour on Saturday

Press release: New European Forum for Historic Places of Worship
Communiqué de Presse: Forum européen lieux de culte
Konferenzbericht Canterbury
Dutch Erfgoed press release
Heritage organisations in Canada were represented and will remain involved as associated members of the network.

Basic country information (please use so that data is comparable.)

Germany Germany Historic Places of Worship
Facts and figures: Gottesdienststätten in Deutschland

Germany. Places of worship by Dr Otzen
France. DRAFT document. French churches
UK. Places of worship in the UK
Data on ecclesiastical estate in Scotland:
Belgium. Historic places of worship in Belgium
Romania. Basic country information Romania
Slovakia. Basic country information Slovakia (Final)
Switzerland. Historic places of worship
Czech Republic. Historic places of worship. Final version
Norway. Historic places of worship. Final version
The Netherlands. Historic places of worship in the Netherlands

Replies from summer 2009 electronic survey: Replies overview

CASE STUDIES FROM THE FORUM (some other documents are too large to add to the website at present. They will be resized and added later or please email if you would like a copy.)
Group A:
A. Fowler. Germany. Case Study FAK Marburg

G. Cogliandro. Belgium. ENCATC case study
Group B:
U. Otzen. Germany. Case study FAK BB
U. Otzen. Germany. Historic churches presentation
Documents relating to the case study of S. Vujovic, Serbia:
GRANADA (2009) background research, Paris, 30 octobre 09
SR_07 Business Plan (revised)
B. Payne. UK. Adaptation of historic place of worship: leasing space within a consecrated place of worship
Group C:
T. Markušová. Slovakia. Case study on adaptation of historic places of worship
T. Coomans. Belgium. Trinite 1
T. Coomans. Belgium. Trinite 2
Group D:
H. Lindblad. Sweden. Case study on development of statements of significance of churches
M. Hoare. UK. Case study on NGOs
Group E:
M. Ingar Mork. Norway. KA Presentation
A.Hadzimuhamedovic. Bosnia. Places of worship and human rights
P. Wollner. Czech Republic. Case study illustrations1
P. Wollner. Czech Republic. Case study illustrations2

Trevor’s facilitation notes: Day 1 discussion; Day 2 discussion
All delegates were asked at the end of the forum to share something they had learned:
“Across the countries represented at this conference, there are so many things/issues that we share – even though specific contexts are different which bodes very well for the future of the forum – together we will find solutions and new ways through sharing ideas and information.”
“I learned that people can easily work together if they are enthusiastic enough.”
“That you can turn the church project into a national project of concern to governments – as in Quebec.”
“My organisation is only one of many doing comparable work throughout Europe. We are not alone, and we can find others to give advice and share their experience.”
“That there are committed individuals around Europe prepared to take extraordinary risks to save places of worship because they are passionate in their beliefs (religious and/or professional)…”

Delegates represented the following countries: Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and Wales.
We are keen to encourage other organisations and countries to join this network.

Speakers included:
Simon Thurley
, Chief Executive of English Heritage
Inger Liliequist
, Chair of the national group for Church Heritage in Sweden, member of the European Heritage Heads Forum and the World Heritage committee Notes from keynote speech
Crispin Truman
, Chief Executive of the Churches Conservation Trust
Loyd Grossman
, Chair of Trustees of The Heritage Alliance and Churches Conservation Trust
Joakim Hansson, professor at the University of Gotland and co-ordinator of the Baltic Sea Region Network on Indoor Climate in Churches
J.Hansson presentation1; J. Hansson presentation2
John Sell
, Executive Vice-President of Europa Nostra
Presentation on Europa Nostra and networking
Luc Noppen, professor at the Université du Québec à Montréal
Rt. Hon. Sir Alan Beith, M.P

For further information on the network please email

Images: on left Museum, Church and Cemetery of Luz, Mourão (PORTUGAL), on right Sarica Church, Cappadocia (TURKEY) ©Europa Nostra

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